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Introduction of aircraft simulation warehouse

Today I bring you all aboutaircraft simulation cabinThe relevant knowledge, let us take a look below!
The aircraft simulation warehouse model is to place a model aircraft in a horizontal state in the middle of three mutually perpendicular planes, and make the longitudinal axis of the fuselage perpendicular to one of the planes and parallel to the other two planes. If we start from 3 Look at the aircraft simulation cabin far enough in each direction, and draw the shape you see on each plane, that is, make a projection of the model aircraft on three mutually perpendicular planes, and then place the three mutually perpendicular planes. Expand, you can get the 3 views shown on the right side of the figure - top view, side view and front view. In general, the shape and main dimensions of a model aircraft can be more accurately represented by these 3 views.


The classification of aircraft simulation warehouses can usually be divided into three categories according to the different control forms of model aircraft: free flight, line control, and remote control. There are many kinds of materials for static aircraft models, such as metal, plastic, resin, FRP, etc., are also divided into models of more than 10 cm, more than 20 cm, more than 30 cm, more than 40 cm, and even more than one meter according to the proportion. The famous domestic ones are the J-10 aircraft model, the J-15 carrier aircraft model, J-20 aircraft model, J-11\/J-11B aircraft model, etc. There are also many dynamic aircraft models, the main materials are: EPP foam, EPO foam, KT board material, etc. The dynamic aircraft model can fly, mainly for remote control Aircraft model, the flight direction and speed are manually controlled by the remote control. The flight power is generally realized by batteries or gasoline.

The main materials of the aircraft simulation warehouse include 4 parts, the specifications range from 40 meters to 30cm, and the proportions of various models are complete. 1:1 Aircraft Model Development Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of aircraft models. A320, A380, C919, broadcast 737, broadcast 787, flight attendant teaching and training simulation warehouse and equipment, aviation simulation warehouse, fighter model, helicopter model, J-10, J-20 aircraft model, Apache model, air police 200 early warning aircraft, transport 8. Aircraft film and television props such as glider, broadcast 787, Airbus A320, etc. are produced according to different requirements of customers.

Well, the above is the relevant knowledge about the aircraft simulation warehouse that Xiaobian brings to you today. I hope it can help you. If you need it, you can contact us at any time!