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What is the handle in the cab of the high-speed rail cabin used for?

There is a constant speed button in the cab of the high-speed rail cabin, which is equivalent to the constant speed cruise of the car. However, those who take the high-speed rail know that the train is not moving at a constant speed.

Acceleration and deceleration are too frequent, ramps, curves and pit stops have different speed requirements, all of which need manual adjustment. The handle used in the right hand is equivalent to the accelerator, the handle used in the left hand is equivalent to the brake, and the front of the handle is 6 pieces LCD screens of different specifications. A qualified high-speed rail driver, the difference between the actual speed and the specified speed does not exceed 5 km\/h.

Brake handle: usually divided into 7 braking levels, that is, 7 braking levels, the train driver chooses according to different braking requirements. Level 1 is less braking, and level 7 will provide greater braking force .

Traction handle: The traction level is usually 10 levels, which provide the power of different gears for the operation of the train. The traction force of pushing and pulling forward is smaller than level 1, and the traction force is increased in turn, and the higher traction power is level 10.
Direction handle: The black short rod next to the traction handle is the direction switch, which is divided into 3 gears: forward, park, and backward. It is a control device that controls the running direction of the train.