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Product parameters of aviation simulation warehouse

Aviation is the civil aviation service industry. Simulation is to compare an item or thing. The aviation simulation warehouse is the equipment for flight attendants to conduct simulation training in a large-scale simulated passenger aircraft model. What functions does the aviation simulation warehouse have? The main body of the aviation simulation warehouse The overall length is generally lower than 20 meters, the width is 3.2 meters, and the height is 7 meters. , flight attendant seats, front galley section A, economy class, rear galley section B, etc. The integration of these configurations can form the conditions for flight attendant simulation training, and can even carry out professional skills competition, escape drills, and rescue training for flight attendants Wait.

Product parameters of the aviation simulation warehouse:

Product structure: Galvanized steel frame, galvanized sheet, stainless steel.

Frame features: detachable, easy to transport, install and place.

Customized types: more than 100 kinds of styles can be customized according to different decorations

Customized specifications: the length can be customized from 3 meters to 100 meters

Service places: department stores, shopping centers, public places, garden landscapes, hotel leisure plazas, theme parks, etc.

Packing Instructions: High-quality bubble bags and carpet packing with wooden frame, single packing to prevent damage during transportation.

Scope of service: integrating design, production, sales, installation and after-sales.