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What does the system setup look like in the aircraft simulator?

The system setting of the aircraft simulation cabin, in addition to the imitation function, also has a teaching function. Among them are power supply, lighting system, in-plane broadcasting, intercom system, closed-circuit television, monitoring system, audio system, instructor console, computer system, and aircraft failure simulation system, fire alarm system, fire extinguishing and smoke exhaust, etc.

There will be one group (3 beds) of passenger hard sleepers and one group (2 beds) of passenger soft sleepers. The soft sleepers and hard sleepers are opposite, with standing positions and a real dining table in the middle. Passenger hard sleepers and soft sleepers follow the real iron It is made in the proportion of a passenger sleeper, using light alloy environmental protection materials, the cover cloth and quilt cover are brand new, and there is a curtain partition between the aisle of the carriage, and the curtain can be opened or closed manually. The carriage will be equipped with 1 row (8 seats) ) Dining tables and seats for the train. There are 2 dining tables and 8 seats.

The dining table in the aircraft simulation cabin is made of light environmental protection composite materials. The chair is mainly made of light environmental protection materials. The seat cushion, backrest and cover cloth are brand new.