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The operation process of the security inspection simulation system

The operation process of the security inspection simulation system

First, security inspectors must abide by the station, the company's rules and regulations and labor discipline.

2. Dress according to the regulations for work, wear standard markings, and consciously maintain the post image of security personnel.

3. Seriously perform job duties, strictly abide by work discipline, do not leave without authorization, and do not do things that have nothing to do with work.

4. Familiar with the operation and identification methods of various security inspection equipment.

5. Be on duty in a civilized manner, with a friendly attitude, pay attention to methods and methods when encountering problems, and convince people with reasoning.

Security check simulation system

1. Passengers are guided to buy tickets before entering the station, enter the station with the ticket, and strictly prohibit irrelevant personnel from entering the waiting hall.

2. In accordance with the security inspection requirements of "every package must be inspected", be responsible for publicizing and guiding passengers to enter the security inspection area.

3. Guide passengers to cooperate with the security check. Passengers who do not cooperate should immediately report to the leader in charge. Passengers are carrying super long, super high, super large items (larger than the X-ray machine detection channel), fragile items (such as: glassware, Small handicrafts), vulnerable items (food, medicine, computer), metal tools and sharp items that are not suitable for machine inspection, timely manual inspection.

4. If contraband is found during the inspection, it should be promptly registered and kept, and handed over to the leader in charge when the shift is handed over.

5. Responsible for the placement and storage of all kinds of security inspection equipment (manual inspection equipment should be placed neatly in the blank position of the security inspection table.

6. If you can't judge on the spot when encountering items, you should report to the leader in charge in time, and explain clearly to the passengers to do a good job of comforting them.