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Composition structure of high-speed rail cabin, construction purpose and ideas

The structure of the high-speed rail cabin is mainly composed of the following contents:

1. Cab skeleton: According to the appearance design of Fuxing High-speed Railway, it is simulated and manufactured at a ratio of 1:1. The skeleton is composed of beams and frame panels, and the appearance of beam frames and frame panels is formed by numerical simulation and optical fiber cutting.

2. The outer wall of the engine room: the outer wall is a thick-walled shell structure, and the horizontal prefabricated components are laser-cut from thick steel plates. Welding is carried out on the basis of ensuring the size, and the longitudinal and transverse prefabricated components are welded into one. , riveted with the frame, longitudinal beams, and beams to ensure that the cockpit has sufficient compressive strength and bending rigidity.

3. Floor frame: install by welding several frame screws, each of which is made of high-quality alloy steel. The floor frame is connected to the floor through screws. compressive strength and flexural stiffness.

4. Rear end plate: It is composed of skeleton and galvanized steel plate. The skeleton is made of high-quality alloy steel, which is welded with the rear inner hole frame of the cockpit. The outer galvanized steel plate of the skeleton is welded to enhance the airtightness of the cabin.

The function of the high-speed rail compartment:

The reform of the talent training mode focuses on the practicality of the teaching process, the openness and professionalism of the high-speed rail cabin, experiments, practical training, and practice are three key links. On the basis of theoretical teaching, the overall reform of the content, methods and means of practical teaching , establish a new practical teaching system that integrates knowledge, ability, and quality. Inherit the modern educational concept of "knowledge, ability, and quality" coordinated development and overall improvement, and establish the idea of ​​"student-centered, student-serving" to strengthen students Quality and practical education is the main line, and the core goal is to cultivate talents with engineering practice and innovation capabilities to train students.


The purpose of building the high-speed rail cabin:

This high-speed rail cabin construction project is to fully investigate the needs of the high-speed rail talent market and start classes in combination with the existing training rooms on the campus. On the premise that it is sufficient and necessary, a new high-speed rail crew training room will be built, including: Fuxing high-speed rail cabin, High-speed rail ticket sales training, security inspection training;, built on the 2nd floor of Building S of the teaching building (next to the student affairs service center). It can meet the standardized operation process of Fuxing high-speed rail crew. Realize the effective interaction between theoretical teaching, practical training operation and real work scene simulation, cultivate students' practical ability, standardize operation, and standardize the formation of passenger transport service system.

The construction idea of ​​the high-speed rail compartment:

The high-speed rail cabin can meet the current high-speed rail crew, passenger transportation, ticketing, security inspection and other training operations; the high-speed rail cabin in the high-speed rail cabin is equipped with facilities such as driver's cab, high-speed rail cabin, dining car, spare parts cabinet, fire protection, and broadcasting system. Conduct multi-functional training; the ticketing training room can purchase tickets, check tickets, query fare linkage, and train the functions of ticket sellers; security checks can simulate import and export security inspection operations to achieve standardized operations such as dangerous goods identification, emergency handling, and ticket checking.