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Application of aircraft simulation warehouse

The aircraft simulation cabin is a ground device that can realistically reproduce the flight status and environment of the aircraft in the air. It can simulate the changes in the attitude and flight actions of the aircraft during the entire flight process, and can see the instructions of various instruments and equipment. Views and sounds that can be heard.

The aircraft simulation cabin will enhance the talent reserve of civil aviation, break the technical barriers of foreign countries, and strengthen the security of civil aviation. As an important aviation simulation equipment, compared with the actual flight test using the real flight simulator, the simulated cockpit is more controllable , non-destructive, economical, reliable and other characteristics. The entire aircraft simulation warehouse involves knowledge of electromechanical control, computer, graphic image, navigation and guidance, virtual reality and other disciplines, which is the product of interdisciplinary integration. The development of full flight simulation The development of these disciplines can promote the development of these disciplines and strengthen the talent pool of the civil aviation system. At present, almost all civil aviation flight simulators are developed by foreign companies, while there is almost no domestic research and development of civil aviation flight simulators. Through the development of flight simulation The cockpit can break through the technical blockade of foreign flight simulator companies, break the technical barriers of foreign flight simulator companies, and make the research and development level of China's flight simulators enter the forefront. Aviation security is the top priority of the aviation industry. Pilots every year They all need to be retrained by simulators to strengthen their ability to deal with and deal with emergencies. The development of autonomous flight simulators can reduce the training cost of pilots and increase the training time of pilots, thereby strengthening the aviation security of civil aviation.

The cockpit of the aircraft simulation cabin is a test and training device used to simulate the flight state, flight environment and flight conditions of the aircraft when performing tasks, and to provide pilots with similar functional loads, visual, auditory and kinematic sensations. Therefore, the entire aircraft simulation cabin is usually It consists of computer network system, console, simulated cockpit system, visual system, motion system and sound system.

Pilots who use simulators already have certain flight theory and technology, and understand and master the use of equipment in the cockpit. The main reason for using aircraft simulation cabins is that, due to conditions, funds and other reasons, the training of some flight subjects has not been possible in actual aircraft. Completed above; pilots can improve or maintain their flying skills through aircraft simulation cabin training without actual flight for a long time.