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Equipment functions of the aviation simulation cabin

In addition to the simulation function, the system settings of the aviation simulation cabin also have teaching functions. Among them are power supply, lighting system, in-flight broadcast, communication system, closed-circuit television, supervision system, audio system, instructor console, computer system, and aircraft failure simulation. system, fire alarm system, fire extinguishing and smoke exhaust, etc.

The functions of the aviation simulation cabin are: the flight attendant training cabin manufacturer pointed out that the industrial machinery model is equipped with ship model, yacht model, container model, real estate model, sand table, industrial model, gift model, garage model, mechanical model, cold rolling mill model, diesel engine model Model, telephone model, static model, industrial production line model; ship model; aviation model; aircraft model, hand lever model; gift model; architectural model; real estate model, assembly line model, diesel engine model, tower crane model, garage model, pipeline model , robot models, etc.

The aviation simulation cabin is customized. The aviation simulation cabin will be equipped with 1 group (3 beds) of passenger hard sleeper and one group (2 beds) of passenger soft sleeper. The soft sleeper and the hard sleeper are opposite, with a station and a real dining table in between. .Passenger hard sleeper and soft sleeper are made according to the proportion of real railway passenger sleeper, using light alloy environmental protection material, the cover cloth and bedding are brand new, and there is a curtain space between the aisle and the carriage, the curtain can be manually opened or closed. There will be 1 row (8 seats) of motor car dining tables and seats in the carriage. There are 2 dining tables and 8 seats. The table top of the aviation simulation cabin is made of light-weight environmentally friendly composite materials, the main structure is steel, and the corners of the table are aluminum. Alloy corners. The aviation simulation cabin seat is a combination of 2 seats, the main structure is steel, and the main material of the seat is light and environmentally friendly composite materials. The seat cushion, backrest and cover cloth are brand new.

Aviation simulation cabin company. Aviation simulation cabin pre-recorded broadcast control panel: The panel has simulation operation function. The system consists of a touch-integrated computer, circuit control module, audio control system software, etc. Broadcasting and intercom system: There are front flight attendants in the cabin There are 2 internal mobile phones at the station and the rear crew station. Passenger service system: with reading lights, passengers calling, do not smoke, fasten seat belts and other functions. Aviation simulation cabin training operating system: aircraft power failure simulation system: when the failure simulation is started After that, all the lights in the cabin except the emergency lights could not be lit normally, and the fault was also controlled by the instructor. Four 32-inch LCD monitors were installed in the cabin to play video and video files. The software of the aviation simulation cabin: select point-to-point The structure of the control software is developed on the basis of WINDOWS, it can communicate with PLC directly, it is more convenient to operate, and has two kinds of operation interface in Chinese and English.