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How to build the steel structure of aircraft simulation warehouse 1 plus X?

Many people do not know the steps and procedures of manufacturing the steel structure of the aircraft simulation warehouse 1 plus X. Today, the editor will show you how to build the steel structure of the aircraft simulation warehouse 1 plus X.

The shape of the aircraft mainly includes the aircraft simulation cabin 1 plus X's nose and the steel structure of the aircraft teaching model car manufacturer.

Aircraft simulation cabin 1 plus X is the nose, about 4 meters long, 4 meters wide, and 2.6 meters high. The configuration of the nose cabin is consistent with the real nose. There is a functional broadcast room that can run in real, so that the instrument panel You can light display. And with trim and bridge, handle and seat.

What equipment does the aircraft cabin include?

1. Functional door: The left door of the training cabin is a functional door. Steel structure, can repeat normal and emergency operations. Due to teaching needs, it is required to include a fault simulation system (door card, door card, handle card, emergency power off, pressure alarm); Sliding inflation simulation (automatic inflation is normal, automatic inflation fails, manual inflation fails).

2. Simple door: The left 2 doors of the training cabin are simple doors. Steel structure, from the appearance, the door should be like a real door, which can be opened and locked, but the simple door can only be opened like a normal door, there is no simulated movement Trajectory, weight and inertia.

3. Three-dimensional wing escape window: The escape window of the 2 wing of the training cabin is a three-dimensional door. It comes from various labels and icons, etc., and is manufactured by simulation.

4. Observation window: There is an observation window on the left side of the training cabin, which is convenient for teaching observation. The glass of the observation window is made of tempered arc with a thickness of about 10 mm, and is made of durable sheet. All locomotive pictures

5. After grinding, polishing and welding, it should be ground and deburred, and polished to increase its brightness and texture.

6. The part of the escape wheel that locks the thread hanger must be polished, and the tooth tip of the thread hanger must be polished with a mirror. Only in this way can the frictional resistance be effectively reduced, and the oil will not diffuse and drain due to the physical phenomenon of the capillary.