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Function introduction of air ticketing simulation system

The air ticketing simulation system is a set of railway ticketing system that has been perfected by users, advanced equipment and targeted teaching. It can complete some daily ticket processing systems for passengers, such as ticket processing, witness inspection, security inspection, immigration inspection, etc. In addition, It also provides a good scientific research platform for teachers, and it is of great significance to study how to cultivate students' service and practice on the basis of accounting knowledge.

Air ticketing simulation system is a practical station function, which can be completed by software and hardware. It can simulate the working process and information processing in the real environment, and enhance students' hands-on ability.

The detailed functions of the air ticketing simulation system are as follows:

1. The intuitive point of view allows students to understand the design, composition and installation of the ticketing application system, and allows students to understand the process of going to the battlefield.

2. Students need to learn the operation of manual ticketing equipment, so that they can proficiently carry out some operations such as ticket sales and ticket exchange, and at the same time can improve their operational ability.

3. Students can learn about automatic ticket vending machines and some automatic ticket vending machines, have a good operation process for the internal and structural structure of the equipment, and have certain maintenance and repair talents.

4. Students can learn how to manually check passengers and documents in the same operation, and can teach passengers to use automatic witnessing, and can also imitate characters and learn etiquette by checking the boarding gate to improve students' communication skills.