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The significance of high-speed rail cabins for flight attendant training and education

The significance of simulating high-speed train carriages for crew training and education. The training train carriages include train carriages, toilets and door areas, etc. The train carriages have the following contents: full-function electric doors on both sides, soft sleeper carriages, second-class seating areas, toilets, large Luggage cabinets, fire cabinets, trash cans, flight attendant rooms, toilets, icon labels, ceilings, side wall panels, curtains, floor glue\/door curtains,

High-speed train cabin system, lighting control panel, CR train crew pre-recorded broadcasting, training operating system, auxiliary system, electrical system, compartment shell, door assembly structure, internal structure and decoration, software system, computer, function intercom broadcasting system, interior Simulated toilets with various lights, simulated coffee tables, simulated windows and curtains, and signs and signs in various areas of the train compartment.

1. Function door

There are electric doors, inner door handles, observation windows, auxiliary handles, door locks, etc. on both sides of the Fuxing EMU

2. Restroom

The training cabin of the high-speed rail cabin is equipped with a simulated toilet in the front door area. The toilet is equipped with lights, mirrors, toilet paper holders, tissue boxes, sinks, trash cans, etc.

3. Bathroom

The training cabin is equipped with a simulated toilet in the front door area. The toilet is equipped with a simulated urinal, a flushing system and a simple washbasin. The bathroom door has a switch function and internal lighting. There is an air-conditioning outlet on the top of the toilet, which only has an appearance and no practical function.

4. Power room\/master control room

The training compartment has a real-life power supply room in the front door area, which can be customized and modified according to the needs of teaching equipment. Its space is slightly smaller than the toilet, and the door can be opened and closed. It is a hardware control system for placing and controlling the entire teaching simulation train compartment. Equipped with Standard power distribution cabinet is convenient for teaching control and post-maintenance.

5. Luggage rack

According to the actual layout of the carriage, install the luggage racks, 2 of which are fully functional (one on the left and one on the right). The luggage racks are made of translucent composite material and will use simulated parts, which function and look the same as the real revival. The trains are the same.

6. Passenger Seat

20 seats in 2nd class and 4 seats in first class.

The simulated high-speed train compartment will be equipped with 4 rows (20 seats) of 2nd-class passenger seats. The seats can be rotated 180 degrees, the armrests can control the front and rear angles, and the small table board is made according to the style and proportion of the real Fuxing high-speed train passenger seats. .Some accessories are special accessories for real high-speed rail seats, the main material of the seat is a lightweight and environmentally friendly composite material. The seat cushion, backrest and covering cloth are all brand new.