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The training significance of flight attendant service training cabin

Before graduation, the school will arrange for students to practice in the flight attendant service training cabin. Mastering the basic skills of cabin service and some ground services is a skill we must learn as flight attendants. Know how to identify and use oxygen cylinders, fire extinguishers, smoke masks, etc. Emergency equipment, as well as some important smoke and fire alarm equipment usage and precautions.

First of all, basic skills training for entering the flight attendant service training cabin. The main functions include cabin service simulation training, flight attendant control panel operation training, in-flight broadcast and in-flight operation training.

Secondly, emergency exit training is required, such as the operation skills to properly open or close the aircraft door in an emergency, mainly including functions such as testing, safety, emergency evacuation, etc. The function and appearance of the door are completely based on the simulation of the real aircraft. Also includes The slide inflatable simulation system, the boarding door failure simulation system and the external visualization simulation system, the boarding door has a power supply for opening the door; the emergency exit on the wing also includes a sliding inflatable simulation system.

Then there is the cabin simulation service for ordinary passengers and special passengers. Some trainees play the roles of flight attendants and passengers in the actual combat training to simulate the real situation. The main purpose is to understand the different characteristics of common special passengers and ordinary passengers at the airport, and to understand Zhang Wuzai The skills and techniques of serving passengers in various situations, and understanding the inner needs of air passengers, because it is of great significance to do a good job in cabin service. Through the cognition of passengers' common psychological problems in the process of air service, the analysis of each special Solutions to the psychological problems of travelers and ordinary travelers.

Generally speaking, the purpose of the flight attendant service training cabin training course is to help us understand the daily conditions of passengers in the cabin, make us familiar with the management and service of passengers in various situations, understand various safety management rules in the cabin, and be flexible Use these rules to handle anomalies in the cabin, properly resolve problems, handle different types of incidents, and learn how flight attendants should handle various anomalies on the plane.