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The high-speed rail cabin enters the campus

At present, in order to allow students to better experience the work of flight attendants, colleges and universities will customize various types of high-speed rail cabins and aviation high-speed rail cabins, such as "Fuxing" and "Harmony" high-speed rail cabins, 737-NG cabin service training rooms, Boeing 737- NG teaching machines, etc., which will enable students to better experience their work when they step into society.

The use of the "Fuxing" high-speed rail cabin will make the training courses more vivid and intuitive, help to improve the teaching quality of teachers, enrich their own training courses, improve the comprehensive ability of students, and lay a good foundation for future work. Only by improving the training equipment, can the teaching strength be further improved and the comprehensive ability of the students be further improved.

In the high-speed rail simulation training room, you can learn about the internal structure and layout of the CRH380D EMU. Understand the control and content of the display system in the car cab; understand the composition and application of the electrical systems in the EMU cabin; Master the service items of the flight attendants to meet the daily training; Master the opening and use of other equipment of the EMU; the emergency escape and evacuation training in the cabin; the training of the cabin broadcast voice system.

The high-speed train cabin training room is mainly responsible for the cabin service, emergency response and safety awareness training for the flight attendants. , The scene teaching and practical teaching of civil aviation flight attendant English and other courses provide excellent conditions. It also greatly enhances students' interest in learning the course.

Therefore, high-speed rail cabins are more useful, especially in universities.