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Structural configuration of high-speed rail cabin


The high-speed rail cabin is equipped with a simulated toilet in the front door area, which has a simulated urinal, a flushing system and a simple washbasin. The bathroom door has a switch function and is illuminated by internal lights. There is an air-conditioning outlet on the top of the toilet, which is only for appearance and has no useful function.

Power room\/master control room.

A real-life power supply room is set up in the front door area of ​​the high-speed rail cabin, which is located opposite the toilet in the front door area. This place has been customized and modified to meet the needs of educational equipment. It is slightly smaller than the bathroom, and the door can be opened and closed. It is used to place and control the entire high-speed train compartment of the educational simulation train. Equipped with 2 standard power distribution cabinets, the principle of separation of strong and weak electricity is implemented, which is convenient for educational control and post-maintenance.


According to the actual layout, the high-speed rail cabin is equipped with luggage racks, of which 2 luggage racks are fully functional (one on the left and one on the left).

passenger seat

50 2nd class chairs.

The high-speed rail cabin will be equipped with 10 rows (50 seats) of general-purpose passenger seats, the seats can be rotated 180 degrees, and the armrests can control the front and rear angles. It has a small table board, which is made according to the style and share of the real 380B high-speed rail passenger seats Yes. Some accessories are dedicated to real high-speed rail seats, and the main material of the seat is a lightweight and environmentally friendly composite material. The seat cushion, backrest and cover are all brand new.

Business seat.

The high-speed rail cabin will be equipped with 2 rows (4 seats) of business class passenger seats.

Tea counter and electric control room.

The front door of the high-speed rail cabin has a coffee table and an electric control room. The main material of the coffee table is stainless steel, with imitation lights and stainless steel water. The electric control room is an independent room transformed for the convenience of education and practice, where the main components of the broadcasting system are placed. A master control is set up, and special tables and chairs are placed.


5 tables and 10 table seats.

A real bar is set up in the high-speed rail cabin, which is made with reference to the bar of the dining car. It consists of an independent bar table, 10 bar chairs and a container. The bar and container are made of new environmentally friendly composite materials, and the exterior is covered with solid wood. The bar has Independent lighting system, the control switch is located inside the bar.