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Introduction to the internal structure of high-speed rail cabin 1 plus X

High-speed rail cabin 1 plus X includes high-speed rail head, compartment training and door area, and the compartment comes with the following contents: full-function door, luggage rack, high-speed rail passenger seat 2nd class (rotatable), flight attendant control room, dining table, seat, bar counter And coffee table, function left and right door area, function intercom broadcast system, various lights in the car, simulated toilet, simulated windows and curtains, and signs of each area of ​​the car.

The appearance of the front of the high-speed rail cabin 1 plus X is the same as the high-speed rail Fuxing, and the internal cockpit is fully functional. The bridge is simply manufactured according to the simulation of the high-speed railway Fuxing Bridge. All items of the bridge only have the function of picture display. Every button of the bridge is pressed The rear can be illuminated to display the status, and the handle can also be pressed. What is between the front and the motor car? Channel connection, in addition to the following equipment: full-function door (can be opened and closed), driver's seat, picture display, car front glass, side Window glass, car door locks.

1. Function door

There is a door on the left and right sides of the Fuxing high-speed rail car, and the door on the platform side is a 3D simulation electric car door. The door on the wall side is a three-dimensional simple door of a motor vehicle, which can be opened and closed from the inside of the car.

2. Cockpit door

The simulation results are consistent with the internal and external structure and appearance of the real cockpit door.

3. Internal facilities

3.1 Bathroom

The high-speed rail cabin 1 plus X is equipped with a simulated toilet in the front door area. The toilet has a simulated urinal and a simple washbasin. The bathroom door has a switch function and internal lighting. There is an air-conditioning outlet on the top of the toilet, only the appearance has no practical function.

3.2 Flight attendant control room

A real flight attendant control room is set up in the front door area of ​​the training compartment, which is located opposite the coffee table in the front door area. It can be customized and modified according to the needs of teaching equipment. Its space is slightly smaller than the toilet, and the door can be opened and closed. The interior is to place and control the entire teaching simulation train The hardware control system of the carriage is equipped with a standard high-pressure box, which is convenient for teaching control and post-maintenance.

3.3 Luggage

According to the real layout, there are luggage racks in the compartment, the luggage racks are made of wood grain boards, and the accessories are simulated parts. The function and appearance are the same as the real high-speed rail Fuxing cars.

3.4 High-speed rail passenger seats

The motor car has 2 business seats, which cannot be rotated;

There are 25 second-class seats on the motor car, which can be rotated

3.5 Restaurant bar, chairs, toilet, tea counter and electric control room

There is a dining table with seats in the carriage. There are 3 dining tables. The table top is made of lightweight and environmentally friendly composite materials, the main structure is steel, and the table corners are aluminum alloy. The main material of the chair is lightweight and environmentally friendly composite material. The seat cushion, backrest and cover are all brand new.

3.6 bar

The high-speed rail cabin 1 Plus X has a real bar, which is made with reference to the bar of the dining car. The bar consists of a standing bar and a container. Both the bar and the container are made of new environmentally friendly composite materials, with smooth surface texture and texture. The bar has a vertical lighting system , the control switch is located in the bar.

3.7 Icons and labels

Various signs, descriptions, warning displays etc. The car is simulated and manufactured and set in the car according to the actual layout of the car.

3.8 Ceiling

The ceiling in the car is the same as the ceiling of the corresponding part of the real car. The ceiling is made of environmentally friendly engineering plastics ABS or Chevron.

3.9 Side wall panels

The side wall panel of the carriage is also divided into two parts: the side wall panel of the front door area and the side wall panel of the carriage. The shape, size and texture of the side wall panels of each part are basically the same as those of the corresponding parts of the high-speed rail Fuxing train.

3.10 Windows and Curtains

There are simulated tempered glass windows and functional curtains on the seats corresponding to the 2 sides of the compartment. The layout and style of the windows and curtains are basically the same as the real car.

3.11 layers

The cabin floor consists of 15mm composite laminate and 2mm floor glue mounted on the structural frame.

4 Car Simulation System

4.1 Car Simulation System

The training car is equipped with the following simulated headlights:

car lighting

Rail Passenger Work Lights

bathroom lighting

The appearance, control method, and light and dark state of various lights are consistent with the real motor vehicle. However, the lamps themselves will be civilian products, using commonly used replaceable lamps, and the power supply is 220V AC. The lighting system uses cold light sources, soft light and LED light sources. Meet fire protection requirements.

4.2 Lighting Control Panel

The control room has a set of functional occupant lighting control panels. The lighting control switches on the panel are functional, including the adjustment of the brightness of the car's lighting. The switches related to the entertainment system do not work. The appearance and color of the panels are also different from the real The car is the same.

4.3 Passenger Service System

The design of whether there are people in the bathroom is also functional, and its lighting state is controlled by the latch on the bathroom door. The latch and its sign on the bathroom door are also functional.

5. Train the operating system

hardware composition

The hardware of the railway driver control system consists of the following parts:

power start control panel

6. Auxiliary system

cleaning system

A set of AC220V50HZ power sockets are installed in the front and rear door areas and in the middle of the compartment for hygienic cleaning in the compartment.

7. Physical properties of parts

7.1 Compartment shell

The high-speed rail cabin 1 plus X front and the outer shell of the car will be driven. The manufacturing process consists of steel ribs, longitudinal beams and 2mm steel skin, which is connected to the chassis through a steel frame. Since the exterior of the simulated car is a metal and glass fiber reinforced plastic structure, the power switch is equipped with There is a leakage protection device.

7.2 Structure of the door assembly

Steel and profiles are used to form the structure and exterior surfaces of the door assemblies. All components are joined together by welding or riveting for greater stiffness and strength. All doors are located on the straight section of the body mechanism.

7.3 Internal structure and decoration

The color and quality of the inner surface simulate the interior decoration of the high-speed rail. All the decoration materials are safe and environmentally friendly, or use real car parts, no matter what form, the effect will be basically the same as the real car.