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Operation of high-speed rail simulation ticketing system

With the development of information technology plus tourism and smart tourism, global tourism and smart tourism have become the consensus of the tourism industry. More and more stations and parks have found that the traditional manual ticketing method has low efficiency, marketing difficulties, management difficulties, account Confusion and other issues. The following will introduce the operation of the high-speed rail simulation ticketing system.

1. How to sell tickets

The traditional window ticketing efficiency is low, the queuing time is long, and the sales channel is single. The ticketing system uses Internet technology to open a variety of ticketing methods and channels, increasing distribution channels and improving ticketing efficiency.

1. Online ticket sales

(1) Ticket sales on the official website

Passengers can visit the high-speed rail official website to buy tickets online

(2) Whole network distribution channels

Tickets can also be purchased on other partner platforms

2. Offline ticket sales

(1) Scan the QR code to purchase tickets on site

The 2-dimensional code for buying tickets is placed on the site of the station. Passengers can scan the code to buy tickets without queuing, reducing the pressure on the window staff

(2) Self-service ticket purchase

There are self-service ticket machines and ticket collection machines at the entrance of the station. Passengers can buy tickets by themselves, and those who need paper tickets can also exchange tickets on the machines.

(3) Window ticket sales

For the elderly or passengers with special requirements, the manual window can be opened to sell tickets

2, check method

The traditional manual ticket verification is inefficient and cannot deal with ticket evasion and fake tickets. The ticketing system introduces automatic gates to realize unattended operation. The ticketing system adopts unified coding without avoiding the interference of fake e-tickets of different model issuers to the market. , Uniform coding standards for tickets sold, and formulate uniform standards.

(1) Ticket checking

The gate ticket inspection supports scanning code, face recognition, magnetic card, electronic bracelet, and the gate channel can realize unattended entry code.

(2) Window check

Auxiliary ticket checking method as a gate passage

(3) Hand-held ticket gate

Hand-held ticket gates can effectively check tickets at stations without gates

(4)Dream Tour APP ticket check

For stations without boarding gate passages, you can install the "Dream Travel Ticket Checking APP" for ticket checking

3, data management

1. Future data forecast

Real-time aggregation of channel sales, admissions, customer source information and other data in the background, data-driven station management decisions

2. Data mobile viewing

Stations can use mobile phones and mobile electronic devices to view data anytime, anywhere

3. Marketing and Evaluation Development

The ticketing system records ticket sales, generates data charts, and provides a viable data source for station marketing plans

Fourth, financial management

The ticketing system is connected to major ports, automatically counts project income data every day, generates financial statements, reduces tedious financial statistics work, and improves financial management efficiency.