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What are the stages of the airport simulation system?

Nowadays, the application of our country's airport simulation system technology is in the stage of exploration and promotion, and it is not very mature. It is mainly divided into 4 categories, and the process can be divided into 3 stages: the preliminary stage, the modeling implementation stage and the analysis stage. review stage.

The flight area ground work simulation is to use the computer simulation model to build the flight area ground work situation, under the corresponding control work, imitate the typical daily flight ground work and take-off and landing process, so as to evaluate the working power of the flight in the flight area.

Main output policy: flight delay time on the ground, runway take-off and landing sorties, flight taxi time\/distance, taxiway usage frequency, delay occurrence location, seat turnover frequency, flight bridging rate, etc.

Terminal process simulation is to use computer simulation imitation software, according to the analysis of the passenger flow characteristics of the terminal building, to build a simulation model for the key process links in the terminal building, imitate the working situation of the airport terminal building in the predetermined scene, analyze and comment on the passenger flow in the terminal building. The status of activities in the terminal and the adaptability of the planning scheme to future aviation needs.

Airport simulation system Landside traffic simulation is a traffic analysis method that reflects the airport cluttered traffic phenomenon by constructing computer models of various traffic elements such as vehicle functions, driver behavior characteristics, traffic needs, etc. It is a technology to reproduce the time and space changes of traffic flow means.