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What does the electrical system of the high-speed rail cabin consist of?

The flight attendant training cabin generally uses a 12V DC power system, which is converted from a 50HZ AC mains power supply through a switching power supply to provide power to the cockpit system. Therefore, the cockpit equipment adopts a safe voltage, and various controls use GPIO control relays to close the circuit switches. control. mainhigh-speed rail cabinElectronic and electrical systems include:

Switching power supply; control computer; embedded computer; relay; terminal block; wireless pager; audio amplifier; speaker distribution box; power distribution box; remote control receiver; digital sound generator, etc.

Physical characteristics of each part: Half-wall fuselage outer shell: A320 flight attendant training cabin outer shell is made of aluminum skin, and is linked to the chassis by a steel frame. The inner shell adopts a composite process of foam board and aluminum skin to reduce costs , while taking into account the fixed shape.

The electrical system of the high-speed rail cabin is mainly composed of the above-mentioned structures, and all parts are coordinated with each other and are indispensable.