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What is an aviation simulator?

Have you all been on an airplane? Today I will show you about the aviation simulation cabin.

Generally speaking, before you understand the aviation simulation cabin, you must first understand a concept: what is the aviation simulation cabin?

Simulation is widely used in teaching, and can be applied to many disciplines from natural scientists, management science to engineering technology. With the development of multimedia technology, the simulation effect is amazing. The application of simulation in teaching can be divided into experimental simulation, management simulation and Training simulation. Experimental simulation: use computer technology to simulate the experimental environment, thereby replacing or supplementing traditional experimental methods.

Management simulation: The application of computer simulation in the field of management is very helpful for cultivating students' ability and quality of management decision-making.

Do you know what is an aviation simulation cabin?

Training Simulation: Computer-controlled simulators can generate realistic training and operating environments, which can achieve the same training goals while saving a lot of training time and money.

Then the aviation simulation cabin is a cabin that uses computer software technology to match the cabin with similar proportions, and can be used to simulate the actual operation of lighter driving and aircraft driving.

The aviation simulation cabin contains a lot of training content, including emergency survival, water survival, field survival, slide training, airborne fire alarm, airborne first aid, trauma rescue, etc. This training is to improve the ability of flight attendants to deal with emergencies. Xiang Kun Aviation The simulator shows that the cabin service includes kitchen service, in-flight service skills, full customer service, general cabin service, cabin service procedure, cabin service theory, domestic airline theory, broadcasting and flight. This training is to improve the overall service quality of flight attendants.


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