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Use of Orbital Training Modules

The rail training cabin is aimed at the current shortage of applied talents in the field of rail transit in my country, and the continuous upgrading of rail transit station equipment requires high quality of employees. Accurate and fast troubleshooting in a short period of time to restore equipment to normal operation requires more practical training.

The orbital training module is the place where the astronauts work and live after the spacecraft enters orbit. In addition to living equipment such as food, drinking water and urine collectors, there are also instruments and equipment for space applications and scientific experiments.

After the return module returns, the orbital training module is equivalent to an earth observation satellite or a space laboratory and will stay in orbit for about half a year. The use of the orbital training module is a major feature of Chinese spacecraft. Orbital training of Russian and American spacecraft Pods and return pods are usually abandoned after separation.

1. The main task of the orbital training module is to provide a temporary space for astronauts to live and work in space. With the end of the spacecraft mission, the orbital training module will lose the value of its continued existence. If it remains, it may lose power, Become space junk and endanger ground safety.

2. The orbital training cabin is located in front of the return cabin, and has two functions: the astronaut living cabin and the orbital experimental cabin, so it is also called the orbital training cabin.

3. The orbital training module is simply the working and living module of the spacecraft in orbit.

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