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The role of aviation simulation cabin

Since the working environment of flight attendants is at high altitude, once an accident occurs in the plane, they must keep calm, be able to think clearly, and guide others how to save themselves. Therefore, every flight attendant must be familiar with various equipment on the plane, and students cannot blindly grasp theoretical education. Therefore, It is necessary to apply it to an aviation simulation cabin so that students can practice, deepen their understanding and memory. This is a training cabin that is often used by flight attendants.

The fire cabin in the aviation simulation cabin is mainly used to train the crew to correctly master the use of fire extinguishing bottles on board, and to master the fire fighting skills in emergency situations. The main training functions include: theoretical learning and operation training of fire fighting equipment, simulated fire fighting training of kitchen ovens, Real-life firefighting training for kitchen trash cans, simulated firefighting training for toilet trashcans, simulated firefighting training in overhead luggage compartments, simulated firefighting training under passenger seats, simulated circuit short-circuit treatment training for cabin side light rectifiers, simulated firefighting training in cloakroom, Engine room real fire training, fire axe hacking action training when the fire door cannot be opened, fire training.

Water simulation platform for aviation simulation cabin: The water simulation platform is mainly used to train crew members to evacuate from the engine room to the lifeboat. Students must master and be familiar with the water emergency evacuation procedures, wear life jackets correctly, and use lifeboats correctly.

The training function of the aviation simulation cabin is mainly used to train the crew and ground staff to properly open and close the aircraft door and operate the emergency exit under normal\/emergency situations. The main training functions of the equipment include: opening and closing the boarding door under normal conditions , The opening and closing of the boarding door in an emergency, the opening of the emergency exit in an emergency, the inflatable slide simulation, the evacuation of the boarding door and the emergency exit, the failure simulation and visual simulation outside the door.

Aviation simulation cabins are designed and manufactured in accordance with the corresponding regulations and requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Therefore, we should study carefully, because these are the knowledge that will save lives in the future.