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High-speed train cabin 1 plus X training system

High-speed rail cabin 1 plus X The entire simulation training cabin is divided into kitchen area, passenger area, toilet area and VIP area. 25-meter train model: VIP area seats 1 row 3; According to the length of the place); the width of the section of the carriage is 3.2 meters; the height of the carriage section is (2.88-3.2) meters (it can be changed according to the height of the place).

The high-speed rail cabin 1 plus X has the function of education and training for train crews in all aspects. Due to the particularity of its manufacturing materials and equipment raw materials, the high-speed rail cabin 1 plus X needs to be manufactured in a closed space. According to the location and educational needs of each hospital, Freely choose some of its functions for manufacturing or for educational needs.

The university teaching system generally adopts the high-speed rail cabin 1 plus X, so what is the structure of the internal training operating system of the high-speed rail cabin 1 plus X? Let's take a look.

One, cabin security simulation system

The system is controlled by the coach and can start the oxygen mask mechanism in the cabin to fall off. The PSU with 2 functions is equipped with 2 sets of oxygen mask mechanisms, and the method of falling off and recovering is the same as the real aircraft.

2. Aircraft power failure simulation system

After the failure simulation is started, all the lights in the cabin except the emergency lights cannot be lit normally, and the failure is also controlled by the instructor.

3, teacher operating system

1. Hardware composition: The requirements of the instructor control system are composed of the following parts: power start control board; 10-inch touch screen.

2. Software structure: This system is a point-to-point structure. The control software developed based on WINDOWS can communicate directly with PLC, the operation is very convenient, and the man-machine interface is friendly.

The above describes the composition of the high-speed rail cabin 1 plus X internal training operating system, I hope it can help everyone. If you need more information, you can leave us a message or call for consultation.