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What is in the cabin of the aircraft simulation cabin with a cockpit

What is the cabin list of the aircraft simulation cabin with cockpit? Let's take a look at it together:

The flight attendant control panel (function FAP) is equipped with a front touchscreen FAP system and a front auxiliary control panel.

The functions of the front touch screen FAP: control the background music in the cabin; control room lights; real-time display of the cabin door status (closed, open); simulation display of cabin temperature (real cabin temperature display); "empty", etc. But not linked to the actual water volume ); toilet smoke alarm (activated by teacher)

Functions of the rear crew panel:

Controls the lights in the rear flight attendant work area.

There are 2 intercom phones in one cabin of the broadcast intercom system, which are located at the following stations: the former flight attendant station; the post flight attendant station;

The intercom mobile phone adopts analog components, and the functions of the entire broadcast and intercom system, including the call tone and priority control function, must be consistent with the real aircraft.

Each mobile station is also equipped with an intercom call indicator ACP component, which is illuminated in the same way as the real phone.

Passenger service system

1. The passenger service signs in the training cabin are all functional simulators. All "No Smoking" and "Fasten Seat Belts" indicators, etc.

2. The presence\/absence pattern sign in the bathroom is also functional, its lighting status is controlled by the latch on the bathroom door. The latch on the bathroom door and its sign also have a function. There is also a call button in the bathroom. After pressing this button , the indicator light and corresponding ACP on the bathroom exterior wall will also be displayed.

3. The passenger call function on the functional passenger service component is normal. After pressing the call button, a chime will be triggered, the seat indicator light will illuminate, and the ACP will be displayed accordingly.

training operating system

1. Cockpit security simulation system: This system is controlled by the instructor and can start the detachment of the oxygen mask mechanism in the cockpit. The PSU with 4 functions should be equipped with 4 sets of oxygen mask mechanisms, and the detachment and recovery methods are consistent with the actual machine.

2. Aircraft power failure simulation system: After the failure simulation is started, all the lights in the cabin except the emergency lights cannot be lit normally, and the failure is also controlled by the instructor.

3. Closed-circuit monitoring system: 2 color cameras with a specified angle are installed in the training cabin. The instructor control room is equipped with a surveillance video system, and the instructor can monitor the cabin training at any time in the control room.