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What are the main components of the high-speed rail simulation ticketing system?

High-speed rail simulation ticketing system, is a tool that can simulate the station ticketing system. It has been applied in many colleges and universities, and has brought great help to people. What parts does it consist of? Let's introduce it to you.

The main components of the high-speed rail simulation ticketing system are as follows:

1. Ticket office equipment: Ticket office equipment includes: manual ticketing center equipment, automatic ticket machines, and self-service ticket machines.

1. Manual ticketing center equipment: desktop computer host or industrial computer, ticket copier (blue ticket), ticket copier (red ticket), ID card reader, ticket barcode scanner (blue ticket), ticket barcode scanner (red ticket) ), wireless speaker for intercom system.

2. Automatic ticket vending machine: Automatic ticket vending machine, commonly known as TVM (Ticket Vendor Machine), is a subway station equipment installed in each high-speed rail non-payment area; it is mainly used for passengers to show practical functions such as purchasing tickets or getting tickets. Appearance design, Passengers' actual operation control panel, passenger display screen, situation display screen, coin slot, ticket collection\/change slot layout. The automatic ticket machine imitates the current high-speed rail style design and manufacture, and the equipment operates smoothly.

3. Self-service ticket machine: Self-service ticket machine, commonly known as TPM (Ticket Picking Machine), is a subway station equipment installed in each high-speed rail non-payment area. The key is to provide passengers with self-service Internet technology ticket service items. Product design It imitates the current style of high-speed trains, adopts high-quality cold-rolled steel plates, has a reasonable layout and effective design, and is equipped with operation instructions, which is conducive to passenger operation. The key components include: industrial computer, touch screen, display screen, ID card reading software, ticket copier , switching power supply, etc.

2, Person bill consistency (real name) authentication equipment:

1, real-name manual inspection machine

The manual inspection is based on the authentication workbench set in the passage of the subway station. The staff will identify the passenger's ID card according to the ticket inspection. The system will display the reasonable ticket information content of the valid certificate, including the passenger's avatar picture. The staff carefully observes the identity. The avatar picture on the certificate and the appearance of the passengers on the spot are used to distinguish the consistency of passenger tickets. At this stage, this method has wide application, and there is also a certain discrimination bias.

The high-speed rail simulation ticketing system is mainly composed of the above contents. If you need to consult and order, we welcome you to leave a message or call us.