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After-sales service of high-speed rail cabins

The appearance of the high-speed rail cabin imitates the part above the wheel rails of the Fuxing high-speed rail locomotive, and integrates the interior of the high-speed rail technical simulation cabin, the first-class seat area, the toilet area, the anti-equipment area, the tea stove area, the door area, the passenger screen door, etc. In the passenger area, the instructor's room area, the dining car bar and other parts, the high-level restoration of the real environment in the high-speed rail has reached the purpose of training and teaching.

The design of the high-speed rail cabin exercise equipment is based on the principle of durability. Under the regular conditions, the structure will not be deformed. The easy-to-wear parts, electrical and electronic components are selected from long-life and high-quality waste parts to ensure that the exercise equipment can achieve long-term performance with small maintenance costs. Provides preventive maintenance plans and a list of wearing parts. According to the 14-hour use of the crew training equipment, the equipment training reliability and availability must reach 99.99 percent.

Repairability and Warranty Service Scope

With the continuous development of the enterprise and the continuous advancement of the marketization level, we not only have a scientific and technological research and development team, but also gradually establish a relatively complete after-sales service system to achieve timely service and response to customers in various regions. At the same time, the company has established The after-sales service organization, which is mainly based on the market management department, not only provides strong technical support to each service site, but also provides after-sales service for the vast number of direct users. Our company promises to provide owners with high-quality and timely after-sales service, and To meet the after-sales service terms mentioned in the bidding documents of this project, the details are as follows:

1. Device debugging: free door-to-door delivery, free stop device debugging until the acceptance is qualified, and free training of operators.

2. Fault response: door-to-door service on the second working day within 5 years, technical support service of the original factory for 5 years, and hotline support service provided by the original factory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week within 5 years. Software maintenance response time: ① Working hours (8: 30-17:30, excluding holidays), we will respond to the problem within 2 hours, arrive at the scene within 24 hours, and repair it within 48 hours. If the failure of the main equipment has not been resolved within 48 hours, we will provide the same level of goods for free for purchase. Temporarily use or take emergency measures to deal with it. Regularly dispatch personnel to the purchaser's goods to stop the necessary

of care and maintenance.

3. Regular return visits: dispatch personnel to perform regular technical inspection services (at least 2 times a year), check the working conditions of the system, including software upgrade and maintenance, and no less than 3 times, and adjust and maintain the equipment according to the detection conditions. The equipment parameters are stopped for reasonable configuration adjustment to make the system work normally. Carefully understand the opinions of the business personnel, and put forward constructive plans such as equipment replacement and system upgrade. All the work is recorded, and the inspection work report is submitted to the user.