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high-speed rail cabin

high-speed rail cabin

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high-speed rail cabinPractical training can make students more proficient in practical operation, how to provide services during the period from boarding to getting off the bus, and how to deal with some emergency emergencies, can be more practical operation training, and theory and practice are related. Combined, it can more effectively convert book knowledge into practical experience, achieve the effect of applying what you have learned, and prepare for future adaptation work this morning.

1. High-speed railways are very smooth to ensure driving safety and comfort. High-speed railways are all seamless steel rails, and high-speed railways with a speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour use ballastless tracks, which are integral track beds without stones to ensure smoothness.

2. The high-speed railway has few bends and large bend radius, and the turnouts are all movable high-speed turnouts.

3. A large number of viaducts and tunnels are used to ensure smoothness and shorten the distance.

4. The catenary of the high-speed railway, that is, the suspension method of the wires on the top of the train, is also different from that of the ordinary railway to ensure the contact stability and durability of the high-speed EMU.

5. The signal control system of the high-speed railway is higher than that of the ordinary railway, because the departure density is high, the speed of the train is fast, and the safety must be high.